The Rockville Centre Tea Party Patriots was officially founded on April 15th, 2008. On that day over 600 disgruntled residents joined together for Nassau County’s first official Tea Parties in Hicksville and Massapequa, NY. Both were overwhelming successes. Since then, Tea Party groups have sprung up all over the country. Here on Long Island alone there are 10 Tea Party groups attracting thousands upon thousands of motivated and very dedicated members.

WE ARE non-partisan and do not endorse any candidate or political party.
WE ARE your neighbors who are concerned about high taxes.
WE ARE local residents who are worried about the future of health care.
WE ARE your friends who are fed up with politicians who ignore us.

We welcome all new members regardless of what town you reside.
You no longer need to scream out in frustration at your television set.
Join us today and make your voice heard too.

What is a Tea Party?

Party propagandists want us to believe that up is down, left is right, and that the word “tax” means invest. Party elites were successful in their propaganda that big government Republican programs are conservative, but big government Democrat programs are liberal. Tea Partiers know that both are wrong. Tea Partiers are citizens who have learned to focus on the behavior of their elected officials, not their words. We have come to realize that there are five foundational beliefs of Tea Party members.

  1. Constitutional Compliance
  2. Smaller Federal Government
  3. States Rights
  4. Lower Spending and Taxes
  5. Individual Rights, Responsibility, and Integrity

Constitutional Compliance

Tea Partiers understand “Constitutional Compliance”. Like Thomas Jefferson, we understand that the U.S. Constitution is a restrictive, not a permissive document. It describes the powers of the U.S. Federal Government and provides a tough amendment process for changing those powers. The Bill of Rights lists freedoms of our people that should not be violated by the political elites and power brokers in Washington, D.C. The federal role was intentionally limited, because history proves that the more power a central government assumed, the less freedom their citizens enjoy. This was true during the Roman Empire, the monarchies of the Middle Ages, and the many dictatorships of the twentieth century.

Smaller Federal Government

The size of the federal government would be substantially smaller if our politicians strictly adhered to the powers granted in the U. S. Constitution. They haven’t. For example, Mr. Obama’s top three priorities include education, energy, and health care. However, entities such as the Department of Education, Energy, or Health and Human Services should not even exist because they were not created through an amendment process. Tea Partiers are not anarchists, we are merely opposed to excessive growth in government that is not authorized by the United States Constitution.

States Rights

Our 10th Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.”

In Plain English, this means that if a very specific power is not stated in the U.S. Constitution, then our states or people retain that power. This reinforces the Tea Party stance against an enlarged U.S. federal government. The federal Department of Education consumes billions of our tax dollars, but does not educate. Just think of the improvements we could make in a classroom if we did not have federal bureaucrats skimming off the top of our education budget!

Lower Spending and Taxes

Shrinking the U.S. government results in less federal spending; hence fewer unnecessary taxes would be confiscated from our paychecks. The federal and state tax systems in the United States are intended to serve separate functions with distinct jurisdictions. But the federal government has encroached upon the state and local roles as well. The U.S. income tax began in 1913 with rates beginning at 1 percent and rising to 7 percent for taxpayers with higher income. However, less than 1 percent of the population paid income tax at the time. Today, many of us lose almost a third of our wages to an insatiable federal appetite. TEA is an acronym that stands for Taxed Enough Already! Just think of what you could buy if federal rates shrunk from 33% back to the original 1% of income- or none at all?

Individual Rights, Responsibility, and Integrity

There was a time in our nation when individual responsibility and integrity did not need to be explained. However, we now live in a society ruled by a legal system which makes excuses for convicted murderers, or for groups of individuals which include those who are here illegally. This “victimology” mentality allows the federal government to act as a monarch dictating to her serfs. Tea Partiers understand that integrity is inseparable from individual responsibility.

Tea Partiers do not believe in a class-based, or cast-based society where elected officials are allowed to lie, cheat, or steal, but common citizens are prosecuted for similar conduct. Tea Partiers believe in the rule of law and fairness to all citizens.

So what is a Tea party? A Tea Party is merely a group of American citizens who have decided that enough is enough! We are the modern-day freedom fighters, who understand that our personal freedom relies upon our economic freedom. And we are fighting to ensure that our children and grandchildren do not become indentured servants to self-serving political elites in Washington.

Get involved today! Join the Rockville Centre Tea Party Patriots to help take your country back!.      
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